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Our Clients
Job Id F23DCB 
Job Title JAVA DEVELOPER - RaptorX
Location MD
  • Experience with Java
  • Experience developing geolocation
  • Experience with COTS integration
  • Good communication Skills
  • Experience developing applications with OpenGL
  • Experience with Network Programming using Java
  • Knowledge of Application Servers
    *NOTE* Candidates last poly must be within the past 7 years.
  • Shall have a firm grasp of modern computer programming with a minimum of six (6)years experience in programming and development of application software for complex
    systems and software testing.
  • Have a minimum of six (6) years experience with programming using the modern software environments and with at least one relevant technical certification.
    A Bachelors degree in Computer Science is highly desired for this position but will not apply toward the six (6) years of experience.
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