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Our Clients
Job Id DD8A96 
Job Title QA Manager
Location CA
  • Directs the quality assurance function, ensuring the effective maintenance, update and continuous improvement of quality systems. Oversees Quality Assurance and Sanitation departments.
  • Develops, implements and enforces QA and Sanitation programs, polices and activities to ensure food safety and quality.
  • Identifies and implements all technical and regulatory compliance activities required of a food manufacturing operation including AIB audits, FDA, state and all regulatory agencies inspections. Prepares for and documents third party audits.
  • Audits and maintains lot tracking system from raw materials to finished materials, responsible for pest elimination programs, and overseeing waste disposal compliance.
  • Updates and documents laboratory-testing procedures. Verify laboratory and processing procedures by auditing, tracking, and evaluating the production and analytical data.
  • Assesses product and processes failures to develop and implement preventative actions. Acts decisively and proactively to minimize regulatory and financial risks to the company by establishing compliance activity and deployment of preventative actions. Monitors finished goods inventory and supplies inventory for quality and regulatory compliance. Releases for sale or use; finished products, raw materials, packaging components, and labeling.
  • Supports sales and marketing efforts by insuring the accuracy of distributed technical information, possible development of new products and handling of customer inquiries concerning handling, storage and use of our products.
  • Performs other QA and Operations related duties and projects as required.
  • BA or MS
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in quality assurance in the food industry. Five years as a QA Manager/Director level.
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills
  • Ability to set plan and goals and lead a technical team
Job Summary


  • Develops, implements, and maintains Quality Assurance and Sanitation systems and programs to assure the highest possible quality standards in all incoming raw materials, outgoing finished products and the company manufacturing environments. Meets requirement of external auditors and governmental agencies. Key liaison to customers (both internal and external) and regulators with respect to food safety, specifications and regulatory compliance, quality systems, HACCP and continuous improvement programs. Manages AIB and SQF audits

PRIMARY ACCOUNTABILITIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: (Accountabilities = the WHAT. The specific outcomes or results that an experienced person in this job is expected to contribute to the goals and performance of XXXXX. Include financial/budget accountabilities that the individual has direct or indirect impact on. Responsibilities = the HOW. The specific duties that an experienced person in this job is expected to perform in the achievement of their accountabilities)
Accountabilities: (3-5)

  • Ensures compliance with food safety and quality programs.
  • Audits processes and procedures to certify its relevancy
  • Creates food safety awareness
  • Ensures products meet customer specifications to meet customer service levels
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