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Tag44 recognizes "the stakes are high" when it comes to your leadership team. Our focus is to bring a diverse group of well-qualified candidates for your consideration.

While the process is the same, no two clients are the same, and no two searches are the same. The challenge in each assignment is that of finding the best possible candidate to fit the requirements – that challenge is what we thrive on and commit to satisfying for each search and each client. We at Tag44 locate high caliber talent with the specific skills, dispositions, and career goals necessary to promote our clients business mission and success.

In today's challenging business environment we understand that companies must see value before deciding to outsource their recruiting efforts. And value is what we deliver. We know the costs associated with a bad hire vs. the value a right hire brings to a company's overall success. That's why we utilize proven proprietary sourcing and screening methods to help find the best possible talent that is best for your organization. As a result we boast some of the highest retention and top performer rates in the industry.

Our Process:

We form a close partnership with our clients to understand the business, organization, history, culture, and their strategic goals. We develop a clearly written specification and agree upon anticipated professional fees and expenses.
Sourcing begins when both Tag44 and our client agree upon the specific definition of the position and the leadership attributes of the desired candidate. We review our data sources, including our broad-based executive contacts. We initiate confidential discussions with sources and potential candidates at this point.
Interview and evaluation takes place after potential candidates, appropriate to and interested in the position, are discovered. Evaluation includes not only the suitability of the candidate's qualifications and career aspirations but also their fit for the client's culture and locale.
Confidential candidate summaries, including reference checks, are submitted to the client, as well as our candid appraisal of their fit within the parameters of the position specification. Our commitment to quality governs everything we do.
Client Interviews and Assessment i.e. we arrange meetings between the client and candidates and, when the client makes a clear choice to extend an offer to a candidate, we help navigate through the final steps of search process.

Tag44 mission is to assist our clients achieve and maintain their competitive business advantage by finding, attracting, and nurturing the very best executives for their leadership teams. We achieve this by tapping into an extremely high caliber network of senior executives from which to source talent and by following a search process with a demonstrated record of success.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is built around encouraging our team to be innovative, take risks and go for the fresh idea. We don't just ask and answer. We observe, we listen, and we interpret. Our consultative approach allows us a high degree of flexibility and diversification for clients and candidates. We answer only to them.

Our objective is to provide consulting, coaching, leadership and ultimately outstanding candidates for our clients across the country.

We Promise:

Lead the hiring process from start to finish in active partnership with our client.
Work internally to develop a job description and conduct research that allows us to focus on the most appropriate recruiting targets.
Establish timelines, mutual expectations, measurable results and a thorough understanding of the search process.
Debrief after each interview, handle scheduling logistics and counsel on making a compelling offer that will be accepted by the candidate.

Ensure the recruited candidate successfully resigns from his/her previous company and transitions seamlessly into our client’s role.

Our Clients
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