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To our Candidates, we pledge to encourage and support efforts to reach your full potential while providing career opportunities and other appropriate avenues for growth; provide income opportunities which closely relate performance with rewards; maintain a climate responsive to your needs and conducive to the full contribution of your talents.

We Want:

Exceptional Candidates "Dynamic companies look at both the quality of the talent and the quality of the individual."

So, who are we searching for?  
Our clients are looking for achievers, employees with true passion for their work who thrive on action and responsibility; with high ethical standards and a depth of values congruent with their work ethic.

We firmly believe our candidates must possess emotional intelligence; impact measurable contribution to the bottom line, and be strategic planners of their own and others' success. Essentially, we are looking for the next generation of leaders of industry.

Do you fit this mold? If you do, please take the time to browse our job opportunities section and apply for one of our available openings.
It's your career, be selective.

We partner with growing companies on a retainer basis to help them find the very best sales talent possible. If you are a successful Professional or a rising star, Tag44 would help you make that invaluable connection with quality companies in your field of expertise.

Our candidate services include:

Employment opportunities matching your unique selling talents and aspirations.
Career advice on how to achieve your professional goals.
Help in creating a highly effective resume that gets results.
Interview preparation and constructive feedback.
Guide through the salary and benefit negotiation process.
Confidentiality and trusted third party advocacy throughout your career search and advancement process.
We are a Contingency Search firm all of our fees are paid by the employing company. There is never a charge to any candidate for using our services.

We promise:

Guide you through every facet of the recruiting process.
Counsel you on topics including interview best practices, “selling” past work experience and competitive compensation for the target position.

Debrief after each interview, handle scheduling logistics and walk through the offer presented by a potential employer.

Our Clients
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